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Many townhouses and apartment buildings have second-story units, where the only way to enter the dwelling is by an outside stairway. In parts of the country where the climate is warm and dry, an outside stairlift provides a safe and easy way to go up and down the stairs.

Accessible Design & Consulting recently installed an outdoor stairlift for a client in Manhattan Beach, California. The client for this project was a senior citizen who was having difficulty going up and down the stairs to his home. The entrance to the home was at the top of a 12-step flight of stairs which was on the outside of his apartment building.

An outdoor stairlift would provide a safe and effective means for him to continue using his stairs.


An outdoor stair lift operates just like a standard indoor stairlift but has an attached cover to protect it from rain and other outdoor elements. The cover easily folds down around the lift when not in use. When the stairlift is needed, the cover is lifted up and out of the way of the seat, footrests, and armrests and remains attached to the unit.


Because it stays attached to the unit, there is no need to store the cover – in one motion it is lifted off the unit and rests behind it and out of the way.


Before beginning the installation, precise measurements were taken of the rise and run of the steps and overall length of the stairway. The track was then custom-made to fit the specifications. After installation of the track was completed, the stairlift unit, complete with cover, was then attached to the track.



Controls are at top and bottom of stairs as well as on the arm of the chair


Control panels are mounted at the top and bottom of the stairs. The stairlift can be moved or stopped by using these controls. The stairlift also has a button on the armrest to control movement.

Just like an indoor unit, an outdoor stair lift requires very little maintenance and provides years of comfort and safety. Because the seat and footrests fold up and out of the way when not in use there is maximum clearance when walking up and down the stairs.


The cover folds down around the unitwhen not in use.


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We will beat any competitive Stair Lift or Porch Lift written quote for like items.

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