Bruno Outdoor Stair Lift

CHALLENGE: A steep and narrow 90-foot long driveway that was impossible to turn around in and too difficult to back the car onto the street.

SOLUTION: Install a 76-foot Bruno Outdoor Stair Lift 2010E.

Our client was an elderly couple with a beautiful summer home but a challenging driveway. As illustrated in the picture, the driveway was very long and narrow but rarely used because it was almost impossible to back the car out to the street.

90-foot long driveway

The mailbox was near the street, at the opening of the driveway 90 feet from the house, which made for a long walk to get the mail. Parking the car at the street proved just as cumbersome for walking up and down the driveway.

We took measurements and Bruno Independent Living Aids manufactured the custom-made 76-foot track for us. A Bruno Model 2010E Outdoor Stair Lift was attached after we installed the track. This was the longest outdoor stair lift we have ever installed. The track starts at the street near the opening of the driveway and travels the full length of the driveway to the front door of the house.

Construction of the outdoor stair lift, stairway,
and cement landing pad

Because of the slope near the house, we added a stairway and landing, and installed a cement pad that was level with the sidewalk. This created a flat surface from the stair lift to the doorway of the house, which was much safer and easier to use than the p12erevious setup.

View of the landing pad and sidewalk during construction

The homeowner now uses the outdoor stairlift to travel the length of the driveway for getting mail and going to and from the car. It can even be used for carrying groceries from the car. The best part is it’s safer than walking and backing the car out of the driveway.

We’d like to thank Bruno for making this installation possible. They’ve always been great at making big jobs a reality and working with us to find the best solution for our clients.

For more information about a Bruno outdoor stair lift in Los Angeles, call us at 310-215-3332.

We have also posted information about this Bruno Outdoor Stair Lift installation on our blog.