Sock-eez Compression Sock Remover (Select Options)

Sock-eez Compression Sock Remover (Select Options)

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Sock-eez Compression Sock Remover

Compression Sock Remover

Sock-eez is a unique and trouble-free hosiery and sock remover has been designed to ease the pain and frustration for anyone experiencing the difficulty of removing compression hosiery or socks.

Benefiting greatly from this remarkable product are people who are unable to easily bend; such as women who are pregnant, the elderly, disabled, post-operative, injured, incapacitated and those with chronic back problems.

Sock-eez works equally well removing normal hosiery and sporting socks too, as it is ergonomically designed and easy to use by anyone.


Sock-eez Compression Sock Remover (Select Options)

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