IndeeLift PPU Floor To Seat Lift
IndeeLift PPU Floor To Seat Lift
IndeeLift PPU Floor To Seat Lift
IndeeLift PPU Floor To Seat Lift

IndeeLift PPU Floor To Seat Lift

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The PPU consumer model is designed for use in the home and residential care environments such as long-term care, rehab facilities, assisted living, senior centers, hospice and mobile caregivers. Lifts up to 300 lbs (150 kg (EU)). Can be self-operated or with the assistance of a caregiver.

Lifts a fallen person to a seated height position (the maximum height of 21 inches (54 cm)).

PPU Features/Functionality

The PPU will lift a person to its rated capacity of up to 300 lbs. (150 kg (EU)) from the floor to a position seated at the height of a standard chair. With the maximum height of 21 inches (54 cm) with rise-assist handle grips, the PPU allows just about anyone using it to stand with the absolute least expended energy and load on the extremities.  For users with less mobility, transferring directly to a wheelchair is accomplished by raising the seat height to about 21” (54 cm), which allows a height difference of 1-2 inches (2.5-5cm) for lift-free transfers from most seated positions or whatever height will allow a gravity-assisted transfer.

Small Footprint and Easy Portability

The PPU is a portable lift that is rolled around similar to an average dolly. The small footprint allows them to be positioned in many places other lifts simply cannot go. With a small radius, the PPU can go just about anywhere including most residential and all ADA accessible bathrooms. Whether a fall occurs in the hallway, a bedroom, bathroom or a living room, this appliance can be easily rolled over to the person who has fallen for immediate assistance getting up from the floor.

Mounting Ramp Seat

The patented design includes a mounting ramp seat that eliminates the need to ever “lift” manually. With no complex cradles or harnesses to configure, the PPU allows fall recovery to be simple and quick. A person who has fallen can be up from the floor to a normal seating position within moments.

Wired Remote

The wired remote has a 5 ft. (1.5m) retractable cord, allowing the user or a helper to operate the lift. The wired remote has physical, easy-to-operate button controls that indicate the up and down functionality. The wired remote is stored on the handles with the hanger clip.

Adjustable and/or Removable Rise-Assist Handles

The rise-assist handles have been engineered to provide leverage for the seated party to assist in the process of standing once they are up from the floor. The arms can swing away from the seat when needed. They are also removable to allow for mount assistance or a direct transfer to a wheelchair or other destination.

Rechargeable Battery

Comes standard with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack and charging unit. Charging is accomplished by plugging the charging unit’s AC power cord into a standard AC wall power outlet.  A full charge takes about eight hours. The control system will beep when the battery needs to be recharged.

Safety Belt

The PPU comes with one safety belt.