Folding Grab Bar
Folding Grab Bar
Folding Grab Bar
Folding Grab Bar
Folding Grab Bar

Folding Grab Bar

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Folding Grab Bar
and Toilet Paper Holder

Folding Grab Bar works best near the toilet, but is also great for showers and bathtubs. Provides needed support near the toilet when standard grab bars aren’t possible, when transferring to the toilet from a wheelchair, getting in or out of a bath tub or shower enclosures. Available in white. Folds up when not needed. Comes in in 23.6″, 27.6″, 31.5″ and 35.4″ lengths.

Fold Up Grab Bar

Folding Grab Bar in the up and down position

Fold Up Grab Bar
Folds up and out of the way for wheelchair transfers

Fold Up Grab Bar
Install behind the toilet when the side wall can’t be reached

Fold Up Grab Bar
Can be purchased with a holder for Toilet Paper

Folding Grab Bar Features

  • Folding Grab bar for the toilet or bathtub
  • Ideal solution for side walls that are too far from the toilet to reach
  • Folds to the “up” position for easier wheelchair transfers
  • Locks automatically in the upright position
  • Available in 23.6″, 27.6″, 31.5″ and 35.4″ lengths
  • Reliable support for users weighing up to 330 lbs. (150 kg)

Tools for installation:

  • Sturdy backing or wood studs in the wall
  • 4 three-inch stainless steel screws
  • Electric power drill

Ensure that you have sturdy support in the wall behind the folding grab bar for installation. In our article section we have the full details about this handicap shower and wheelchair accessible bathroom remodel.


Hinged Arm Support Floor Console
Fold Up Grab Bar


Shown with the Hinged Arm Support Floor Console and Folding Grab Bar (each sold separately)

  • Easily turns a fold down grab bar into a floor mounted grab bar
  • Floor Console offers an alternative solution by mounting on floor
  • Includes aluminum clamps and backing plate for mounting
  • The fold down grab bar can be adjusted for height after mounting on the floor console


  ADA Bathrooms and ADA Kitchens