Fold Down Grab Bar
Fold Down Grab Bar
Fold Down Grab Bar
Fold Down Grab Bar

Fold Down Grab Bar

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Fold Down Grab Bar

with Optional Toilet Paper Holder

A Fold Down Grab Bar is excellent for the toilet, shower and bathtubs areas!

Gain extra support beside the toilet when there are no traditional grab bar installations possible, transferring over to the toilet from a wheelchair, standing at the toilet (males), getting into or out of the bathtub, getting into or out of a glass shower enclosure.

Powder coated white. Easily folds-up vertically along the wall when not in use.

Available in 23.6-inch, 27.6-inch, 31.5-inch and 35.4-inch lengths.

Fold Down Grab Bar shown in the up and down positions

Fold Down Grab Bar 2

Can be folded up and out of the way
to accommodate a wheelchair transfer

Fold Down Grab Bar 3

Can be installed on the wall behind the toilet for use when the side wall is too far to reach

Fold Down Grab Bar paper

Shown with optional Toilet Paper Holder

Fold Down Grab Bar Features

  • Fold Down Grab bar works for toilet or bathtub areas
  • Perfect solution when the wall is too far away from the toilet to reach
  • Folds up and out of the way for transferring from a wheelchair
  • Locks automatically into the vertical position
  • 23.6-inch, 27.6-inch, 31.5-inch, and 35.4-inch lengths
  • Reliable support for users weighing up to 330 lbs (150 kg)

Tools needed for installation:

  • Appropriate wood studs or backing in wall
  • Four (4) 3″ stainless steel screws
  • Electric power drill

Very important to make sure that you have ample support in the wall BEHIND the fold-Up grab bar that is being installed.

In our article section we have the full details about this handicap shower and wheelchair accessible bathroom remodel.