Challenge: Finding New Accessibility and Mobility Products

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At Accessible Design & Consulting, before we begin most of our home modifications, we bring the clients to the showroom so they can see examples of how the home can be made accessible. We have a full line of products in the showroom so they can try different ones and find what works best for them.

Having recently returned from MedTrade, Adam Fine (owner of Accessible Design & Consulting) and I feel really positive about the new products and companies that have been developed to help people with disabilities. Twenty or thirty years ago, there were only a few choices when shopping for mobility equipment. Today, there are entire convention centers filled with products designed to make living with a disability safer and more comfortable.

It says a lot about our industry that so many companies are dedicated to improving the quality of life for people living with a disability. From large products like home elevators to small, inexpensive items such as hand-held reachers, the market is rapidly exploding – and that’s good news for everybody.


EZ In and Out™ Wheelchair Loader
This product makes it easy to load and unload a manual wheelchair from most cars without the heavy lifting and awkward positioning that result from manual loading. It fits in the trunk and easily slides out for hassle-free loading and unloading.


We’re also seeing some crossover among these new products. Items that were originally developed for people with mobility issues have been modified slightly to work for everybody, regardless of ability.

At Accessible Design & Consulting, our primary focus is modifying homes for increased accessibility. Luckily, we realized a long time ago that most of our clients would benefit by having a single source for ALL of their needs, so we naturally began carrying wheelchairs, walkers, ramps, and other mobility products in our showroom. As the market matured for these products, so did the number of products we carried. It’s become a good fit, both for us and our clients.


Shoe & Boot Valet™
Like a shoe horn on steroids, this long-handled product can be used from a wheelchair, standing or sitting, and aids in putting on or removing shoes and boots.


Find more information and ordering details for the Shoe & Boot Valet.

Keeping up on the latest products can be difficult for anybody today because there are so many of them. As consultants, we try to do the legwork and pass our findings on to our clients who are always eager to try the latest device. We strive to find products that are a high level of functionality and look nice too.

These are just a few of the products and gadgets that caught our eye at MedTrade. Kudos to all the companies that have focused positively on creating new products for people with disabilities.


Foot Flush®
This is a small foot pedal that actually looks like a foot and sits on the floor next to the toilet. Instead of using the standard hand flush, just step on the foot for germ-free flushing. It’s a great item for people with back problems.


Telestik Portable Reacher™
This new item is a slim, telescoping reacher that comes with two heads: magnetic and adhesive. It fits into tight spaces, like behind a desk or couch, and can pick up items up to one pound.



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