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Parkinson Disease (Parkinson’s) is a brain disorder that occurs when nerve cells or neurons in a certain location of the brain die. These cells are no longer able to produce dopamine. When approximately 80% of the dopamine-producing cells are damaged, the symptoms of Parkinson disease appear.

The primary symptoms of Parkinson disease include:

  • Tremors (shaking)
  • Slowness of movement
  • Rigidity (stiffness)
  • Difficulty with balance

Other signs of Parkinson disease may include:

  • Small, cramped handwriting
  • Stiff facial expression
  • Shuffling walk
  • Muffled speech
  • Depression

Parkinson disease affects both men and women equally and about 1.5 million Americans currently have Parkinson disease. Approximately 60,000 new cases of Parkinson’s are diagnosed each year. Most new cases are for people over the age of 65 but possibly 15% are diagnosed under the age of 50.

It is difficult to diagnose Parkinson’s and some of the prescribed medicines replace dopamine which improves tremors and rigidity.

Accessible Design Solutions
Accessible Design & Consulting will conduct a home assessment to ensure that the environment is safe for a Parkinson’s afflicted person. We perform necessary modifications and offer products that make independent living in the home a reality.

Typical Accessible Design Solutions for Parkinson Disease include:
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The National Parkinson Foundation, Inc. (NPF), is the largest organization serving persons affected by Parkinson disease throughout the world. The Foundation supports research for a cure and programs dedicated to improving care and quality of life. NPF provides information, support, and education for persons with Parkinson, their families, and health care professionals.


National Parkinson Foundation, Inc.
1501 N.W. 9th Avenue / Bob Hope Road
Miami, Florida 33136-1494
Telephone: (305) 243-6666
Toll Free National: 1-800-327-4545
Fax: (305) 243-5595

Los Angeles Alliance Against Parkinson’s Disease
3251 Oakley Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90068-1315
Contact: Millard Tipp
Phone: 323-851-3230

Orange County Chapter – National Parkinson Foundation
355 Placentia Avenue, Suite 302
Newport Beach, CA 92663
Contact: Mignone Trenary
Phone: 949-574-6338

Parkinson Network of Mt. Diablo
PO Box 3127
Walnut Creek, CA 94598-0127
Contact: Margy Hansell
Phone: 925-939-4210

Parkinson Association of Sacramento
900 Fulton Avenue
Suite #100-5
Sacramento, CA 95825-4500
Contact: Maxine Milner-Krugman
Phone: 916-489-0226


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