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CHALLENGE: A wheelchair user had to go up and down a stairway to get in and out of his home. The main challenge was that there was minimal space for a wheelchair ramp.

SOLUTION: Install a Vertical Platform Lift, or Porch Lift, that will carry him up and down to the doorway of his home.

Wheelchair ramps are a great way for wheelchair users to go up and down stairs to get in and out of their home. But they require enough space to provide twelve feet of ramp for every one foot in rise. Luckily, there are a few solutions.

For this home installation we didn’t have enough room for a 24-foot ramp to go straight up directly in front. Instead, we installed a Vertical Platform Lift (Porch Lift) that lifted the wheelchair owner up to his front door.

Vertical Platform Lift at the bottom position

Vertical lifts are an ideal solution for many wheelchair users because they require very little effort on the part of the user or caregiver. They’re as easy as rolling in, pushing a button, and traveling up or down and then exiting. The user or caregiver can do it all at the push of a button. Vertical platform lifts are excellent for promoting independent living.

Vertical Platform Lift at the top position

Platform Lifts provide safety and reliability for use inside or outdoors. With a 750 lb. load capacity, they also have a non-skid surface built into the deck. They can be used for both commercial and residential installations and work well for companies that need to be ADA compliant.

View from the top landing

Vertical Platform Lifts are also safer than wheelchair ramps because they don’t require any physical strength from the user or caregiver. There is no possibility of a strain from pushing or pulling against gravity like with a ramp. They also ensure that the wheelchair won’t get away on the downward slope of a ramp or rolling off the side edge.

For wheelchair users that have trouble going up and down stairs, or companies that need to provide wheelchair access but not enough space for a ramp, a Vertical Platform Lift might be an ideal alternative.

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