Accessible Home Gallery

In our “Accessible Home” you will see
actual working samples of: 


  • A completely accessible bathroom and kitchen
  • Various threshold ramps & custom iron handrails
  • A stair lift, an elevator and a bath lift
  • Electric doors, sinks, and kitchen cabinets
  • A bedroom, living room, and accessible closet
  • Light weight scooters and transport chairs
  • Art Gallery depicting the work of well-known disabled artists within the Southern California Community
  • Conference Room Area that is available to the general public (free of charge) to attend a Monthly Lecture Series, or for use by such entities as Association Support Groups, Rehab Departments, or Professional In-services
  • Plus the latest and greatest gadgets and accessories that will knock your socks off!


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Accessible showroom Living Room Area - Accessible Design


Living Room Area

Our living room area allows visitors a chance to try designer lift chairs, electric and hydraulic seat assists, a couch cane, and a sliding transfer board. We also have examples of support poles, sofa risers, and a stair lift.

Scooters & Power Chairs

Have you ever wanted to test drive a scooter or power chair? We have various working models on display that are fully charged and ready to drive around the living room.

To see styles and models, visit the Wheelchairs and Scooters section of our web site.

Accessible Bathroom

The fully-functioning Accessible Bathroom in our showroom offers a chance to see how a toilet spacer (also called a Toiletvator) can raise your toilet an additional 3.5 inches instead of using a cumbersome raised toilet seat.

We also have examples of grab bars, a fold-down grab bar with a toilet paper holder, a hydraulic toilet seat, portable bidet, a wall-hung sink complete with p-trap cover, and a hands-free winged faucet with goose neck spout. An adjustable mirror completes the enhancements.

Accessible Shower

What would an Accessible Bathroom be without an Accessible Shower? Our Accessible Shower demonstrates the safety and comfort of a fold down padded shower bench, non-slip shower strips, two grab bars in varying positions, a single-lever anti-scald device, and a water diverter with hand held shower head.

The Accessible Shower entrance shows how a collapsible water retainer combined with a weighted shower curtain will keep water in the shower and away from the bathroom floor. We even have a self-propelled shower chair that glides across the water retainer.

Accessible Bathtub

The Accessible Bathtub is installed next to our Accessible Shower and includes a grab bar, a clamp-on bathtub support bar, an overhead curved shower bar, and a working electric bath lift that demonstrates an easy and comfortable way to lower yourself down into the bathtub and lift yourself back up.

The electric bath lift includes a padded seat and hand-held remote control which operates safely and reclines to a 30-degree position.

All of the above items and more are included in our Bathroom Products section.

Accessible Kitchen

Kitchens can be a nuisance for people who are physically challenged, so we designed one with features that are not only safe but make cooking and eating more enjoyable. The Accessible Kitchen in our showroom is outfitted with a side-by-side refrigerator with doors that open 180 degrees and includes an outside water and ice dispenser. These are fairly common in new construction homes.

What you won’t find in an ordinary kitchen are niceties like designer height adjustable cabinets and sinks which lower and raise with the touch of a button. They’re so convenient, we installed them in OUR kitchen. We also have an assortment of non-slip dishes and drink holders, accessible eating utensils, and reaching tools.

Check out the Kitchens section of our web site for products to make your life easier in the kitchen.

Bedroom Area

The Accessible Bedroom Area in our showroom is adjacent to the living room and has a working example of an electric Hi-Low Bed with designer bed rails and a bed rail and cane. Next to the bed is a Super Pole which shows how easily it attaches from the floor to the ceiling and provides safety and support for getting in and out of bed. The bed is also equipped with a pull up strap (also called a Bed Caddie) which can be attached to the foot of the bed or on either side.

A convenient item for the bedroom which is shown in another part of the showroom is an electric door opener, which can actually be used in any part of the house.

The Bedrooms section of our web site shows additional products available for the bedroom in your house.