Bruno Curved Stair Lift in Los Angeles with 9 Turns and 7 Levels

CHALLENGE: A Seven Level home with a lot of stairs and turns from top to bottom made it difficult to move luggage up and down.

SOLUTION: Install a Bruno Curved Stair Lift with nine turns that traveled from the main floor downstairs up to the top floor bedroom.

Curved stair lifts are great because they can travel around corners and make tight turns on spiral staircases. Going down stairways is usually much easier than going up but they still present a challenge, especially for elderly families and those with disabilities.


For this installation, the family was still young and didn’t have any disability difficulties. But they travel frequently and needed a way to move luggage up and down the seven-level home. They were also planning ahead for aging-in-place so a curved stairlift made perfect sense.


Planning early to age in place is a great idea because the cost of improvements can be spread out over time instead of all at once. The benefit of improved safety and efficiency is also a nice return on investment.


A curved stairlift with nine turns over seven floors is the biggest one we’ve installed. We spent a bit of time making accurate measurements and sent them to Bruno for fabrication.


Every turn was unique with no two alike. Some had to make a complete 180 degree change in direction and slope.


Other turns were close to 90 degrees with a different slope angle.

Curved stairlifts allow for unique applications and can cover more area than straight stairlifts. A single curve at the top or bottom of the stairs allows the chair to be moved out of the walkway area of the staircase when not in use.

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