Diabetes Numbers in America

The infographic below from shows that 8% of the population has Diabetes in America, almost 29 million people.

But many cases of diabetes can be prevented through better diet and exercise. This doesn’t mean that we all have to become vegetarians or run marathons, but simple changes to diet, and mild, regular exercise can greatly reduce the chances of acquiring the disease.

As a nation, we have become more sedentary and eat larger portions than our grandparents. We also eat more sugar and processed foods than generations before us. Cutting down on sweets and fried foods, while walking daily might be all that’s needed to keep diabetes at bay.

Diabetes is the leading cause of complications with the feet, which many times result in amputation.

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) has created a Diabetes Awareness campaign for the month of November. Details about the campaign can be found on their website at: www.APMA.org.

Diabetes Numbers in America

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