Gait Belt – Transfer Belt
Gait Belt – Transfer Belt
Gait Belt – Transfer Belt

Gait Belt – Transfer Belt

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Gait Belt Transfer Belt

The Gait Belt Transfer Belt is used by caregivers to prevent back injuries and allows for safer patient transfers.

With seven handles and a 6-inch high back, this Gait Belt/Transfer Belt is ideal for transferring patients.

The gait belt aids in transfers from a bed to a chair or wheelchair, a wheelchair to a car, or from one place to another. Remember to always transfer using the patient’s strongest side.

Gait Belt – Transfer Belt

Transfer Belt

Patient transfers can be difficult or cause injury to the caregiver or the person they care for. Using a Gait Belt is a much safer option than holding patients by their clothing or under their arms.

This video shows the proper technique of lifting using a Gait Belt


Gait Belt Features

  • Helps prevent caregiver back injuries and strains
  • Decreases stress on the patient
  • Ideal for transferring larger patients
  • Seven handles and a 6-inch high back support
  • Fits waist sizes 30 to 66 inches
  • Machine washable