Tornado Body Dryer for the Shower

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Tornado Body Dryer for the Shower

Why buy a Body Shower Dryer?

  • Hands-free body dryer for the shower
  • Safety in the Shower – great for people with balance issues – NOW you
    don’t have to hang on to a grab bar, soap dish, or the shower enclosure with
    one hand while you dry yourself
  • Arthritis or Shoulder injuries – now you can dry yourself towel free AND
    pain free
  • Independence/Privacy – You don’t need someone standing there to
    towel you off
  • Cool Shower Gadget for those who are gadget tekkies!
  • Because everybody wants their very own shower dryer

Hands-free drying in the shower!

Tornado Body Dryer for the Shower

Watch the Tornado Body Dryer Video

This is a custom built item – please allow 7-14 days for shipping

ADA Bathrooms and ADA Kitchens

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