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Power Toliet Aid
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Power Toliet Aid

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Power Toilet Aid
Toilet Seat Lift

The Power Toilet Aid (PTA) Battery Operated Toilet Seat is a power toilet seat lift designed for individuals with musculo-skeletal or neuromuscular limitations due to disease or injury.

It will lift the user approximately 13″ above toilet height, bringing them to a standing position. The Power Toilet Aid reduces stress on the knee and hip joints and is safe and comfortable for the user.

Power Toilet Aid Toilet Seat Lift


Power Toilet Aid Toilet Seat

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Available in two models:

1) The Standard PTA attaches to the toilet.

2) The Mobile PTA comes with 4 locking caster wheels, a waste container and toilet seat. It works exactly like the standard model except it does not attach to the toilet. It can be used over a toilet by locking the wheels in place.

Power Toilet Aid Features

  • Easy to use
  • Fingertip toilet seat lift switch controls toilet height
  • Helps prevent attendant back injuries caused by lifting
  • Reduces stress on shoulders and upper body
  • Provides greater independence and privacy

If you’re looking for something similar for the toilet we also have a Toilevator toilet base that raises the toilet height 3.5 inches.