HealthCraft Products Advantage Rail (Select Options)
HealthCraft Products Advantage Rail (Select Options)
HealthCraft Products Advantage Rail (Select Options)

HealthCraft Products Advantage Rail (Select Options)

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HealthCraft Products Advantage Rail

The Advantage Rail is an ideal standing aid for the bedroom, bathroom, or any room in the house where you need extra support for standing, sitting, or doing wheelchair transfers.

HealthCraft Products Advantage Rail
Floor Mounted Pivot and Lock,
Horizontal and Vertical Support Pole
The Advantage Rail provides vertical and horizontal support for added safety to your home. Featuring our innovative “Pivot and Lock” technology, it offers centralized support that moves with you, getting you wherever you need to go. It easily installs in your bathroom, bedroom, or wherever else you need support.
It is similar to the Super Pole support rail that swivels and locks into place. Wherever you need standing or sitting support, or help with wheelchair transfers, an Advantage Rail helps to safely get up or sit down.
Advantage Rail Bedroom Standing Aid
Advantage Rail Standing Aid for the bedroom
HealthCraft Products Advantage Rail
Advantage Rail Support Pole installed in doorway
HealthCraft Products Advantage Rail
 Advantage Rail Features and Benefits:
  • The Advantage Rail is a floor mounted safety rail that features HealthCraft’s “Pivot & Lock” Technology to keep support in front of you
  • Simply lift the horizontal bar to unlock, pivot to next position, and then lower it to lock firmly in place (every 45 degrees)
  • Rail is height adjustable to accommodate your needs
  • Floor mounting screws are concealed with cover plate

  • Anti-microbial white powder coat finish
  • Latex-free, non-slip, PVC closed foam grip material
  • Advantage Rail supports up to 300 lbs.
NOTE: The Advantage Rail also comes in a Bariatric or Portable version. Please call our office for more info toll-free at (866) 902-9800 to discuss availability.