The Roby Wheelchair Stair Climber

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The Roby Wheelchair Stair Climber

Wheelchair access Up or Down Stairs
(inside or outside)

Do you have trouble going up ordown stairs in a wheelchair?

The Roby
Mobile Tracked System for Wheelchair Access Over Stairs

The Roby allows wheelchair users barrier free access to areas not serviced by a conventional accessibility device. Ascending and descending stairs can be accomplished with relative ease and complete safety thanks to a powerful motorized electronic traction control system.

  • Attaches to most standard adult or pediatric manual wheelchairs
  • Transports wheelchair users up or down stairs
  • Powerful enough to ascend approximately 23 floors fully loaded on a single charge
  • Electronic traction control
  • Manual emergency device permits safe decent in case of a dead battery
  • High friction track ensures secure contact without marring floor
  • 2 piece design easily disassembles for transporting to alternate locations
  • Use on any indoor or outdoor straight stairway even on turnback stairway
    designs with a flat intermediate landing
  • Keyed operation restricts use to authorized operators
  • Electronic battery charger and charge indicator
  • Secures easily to the wheelchair
  • Rise of step cannot exceed 7″
  • Angle of staircase should not be less than 35 degrees
  • Bullnose on any stair cannot exceed 1″
  • 285 Lb. capacity including the occupant and wheelchair

The Roby Wheelchair Stair Climber


We also offer the Stair Trac Wheelchair Lift Stair Climber as another option to purchase for wheelchair users who need a solution for accommodating stairs.

Great for temporary situations such as a knee or hip operation. Call our office toll free at (866) 902-9800 to find out about Rental options.

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